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Manasa Nagaraj is the Artistic Director of Nrithyamanasa Performing Arts Center. She is even the Director of Esha Yoga which is a highly rated studio in Santa Clara.


Classes of All Levels

NPAC presents dedicated kids/adult instruction in Bharatanatyam for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Using rhythmic footwork, geometric movement, codified hand gestures, and facial expressions to tell powerful stories and create intricate sequences of dance, the faculties of abhinaya and nritta are shaped and honed. Through this journey, students advance towards technical precision, depth of emotional expression, increased rigor, and artistic maturity.

Kids/Adult Beginner

The students learn the pure dance steps/Adavus during the first three years of learning. In these crucial years, a solid foundation is laid that will help the student achieve perfection in later years of pure dance. For an hour each, these classes take place twice a week.

Kids/Adult Intermediate

For students who have learned adavus. Warm up and adavu class focuses on developing and maintaining posture and core strength. Expressive items are introduced with the primary emotion being that of a deity’s devotion or praise. To learn about the different facets of Asian deities, different mythological stories are explored. For an hour each, these classes take place twice a week.


In the three to four years prior to the arangetram, the varnams and other complicated items are taught and practiced.

The highly rated Bharatanatyam studio at Santa Clara


She is an amazing performer. Saw her dance at an event. Very gracious and expressive. Loved it.
Avani K.

Moving with felicity.
V.Nagaraj from The Hindu

Dancing like a swan.
Prajavani, a leading Kannada-language newspaper from Karnataka.

Happy Students

Nrithyamanasa is an inspiring place to learn Bharatnatyam. I look forward every week for this class. Manasa is an excellent dancer and a dedicated and passionate teacher. She is a skilled choreographer and tailors her choreography considering the various skill levels of her students. Manasa fosters cultural and artistic growth and provides motivational support to all her students in a friendlier and happier environment.

Very nice dance studio to learn indian classical dance..highly professional and energetic teacher…I Highly recommend to attend this program even if you are a beginner or more advanced…..
Renuka Sahane


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