Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Nrithyamanasa Performing Arts Center.

What is Bharatanatyam?

Bharatanatyam is the name given in the early twentieth century to the dances known as Dasi-attam and Sadir-attam, which evolved over centuries in the temples and royal courts of Southern India. It highlights the beauty of strong lines leading out from the dancer’s body and is embellished with intricately expressive hand gestures and elaborate storytelling through exquisite facial expressions.

How long and how many times a week are the classes?

For an hour each, these classes take place twice or once a week depending on the student preference. Check the Classes page for the schedule.

What is the minimum age to start learning Bharatanatyam?

While each child’s development is different, the ideal age is 5 years and older. Classes are taught using child-friendly methods to introduce your little dancer to the rhythms, music, and movement of Bharatanatyam.

Dress Requirements?
  • Females should wear a dance practice sāri or suitably tailored salwār kamīz.
  • Males should wear a dhoti or a suitably tailored kurtā pyjāma.
  • All students should have their waist firmly bound.
  • Hair should be pinned away from the face and, if necessary, drawn back in a single plait or bun. A long
    plait should be secured at the back to prevent its movement distracting from the dance.
  • No dance costume or jewellery should be worn.
  • No ankle bells should be worn
Why each level varies?
How do i register?

Click on the Signup | Register link to create an account and pay registration fees. After your first class, we will set up an autopay membership and it’s charged every month on the same calendar day.

How do i cancel?

AUTO-PAYS require a 30 day written notice to discontinue. For cancellations, holds, and/or changes to memberships for any reason, the member must notify Nrithyamanasa Performing Arts center via email at [email protected] at least 30 days prior to the next auto-draft, putting “membership cancellation, membership hold, or membership change” as subject heading of the email. In turn, Nrithyamanasa Performing Arts center will send a confirmation via email after the changes have been made to the account.
$15 per month would be charged from your account per month as hold charges. Member agrees that Nrithyamanasa Performing Arts center could take up to 7 business days to respond.

Do you offer 1 class or 2 per week?

We offer 2 classes per week but students can choose 1 or 2 class depending on their availability.

Are classes held during summer and winter breaks?

Yes, classes will be held during the summer and winter breaks.

Do you offer trial class?

No, the Student needs to register and pay the $50 registration fee. The registration fee is nonrefundable. Autopay would start only after the first class. If a student doesn’t like the trial class then autopay doesn’t start.

What if a i/child misses a class?

There will be no makeup class. If the teacher misses a class then will provide makeup class.

  • All dancers are expected to attend classes regularly.
  • It is expected that all dancers will be punctual.  Warm-up is performed at the beginning of each class and it is imperative that all dancers take part in warm-up to make sure their body is ready for physical activity. If a dancer misses warm-up, an unnecessary injury could result, so please make every effort to arrive on time.
  • All dancers are expected to demonstrate respect for the teacher and will not challenge authority with inappropriate behavior such as talking back, disobeying the teacher, giving an attitude, or acting disrespectfully in a way that is intended to provoke hostility.
  • All dancers understand that NPAC requires them to adhere to the Dress Code. Dancers that do not adhere to the dress code will not participate in the class.
  • All dancers will be friendly, warm and welcoming to the other dancers at the studio and in their classes.  At NPAC we encourage dancers to establish new friendships with the dancers in their classes and we enforce teamwork and fairness.
  • All dancers will attend every class and participate to the best of their ability and put forth 100% effort, energy and smiles.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at [email protected] or call us on 408 512 2776 or 858 880 4577